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Automotive Projects

Model based Software Development for an electric power train

  • Development of a thermal protection function for the power electronics component (Inverter).
  • Development of a control function for an PMSM motor.
  • Development of a control function for an ASM motor.
  • Development of the detailed design document, which describes the behavior of the function, its inputs, outputs and interfaces with other functions.
  • Software design and implementation in Matlab/Simulink and code generation using dSpace- Target link. Modelling and simulation of the software components (MIL and SIL).
  • Using the Automotive tools CANape, CANoe and INCA to test and analyze the software functions on the HIL and on the test bench.

Technical Environment: Matlab, Simulink, TargetLink, Git, CANoe, CANape und C programming languages

 System Integration and testing

  • Testing the integration of various components (SW, HW, ECU) into a system
  • Testing of the interface communication, input, output to other vehicle interfaces as like as BUS communication, Ethernet, Diagnostics, etc.
  • Test report generation and frequent discussion with development team and test managers
  • Continuous synchronization with functional development Team and Test Managers

Technical Environment: ADAS series project, Vector Tools, Test Equipment, CAN bus, Ethernet Bus, diagnostics, CANoe

Model based software development for power electronic component with Matlab

  • Programming for power electronic components without an operating system
  • Programming of Micro Controllers

Technical Environment: Matlab, C programming language