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Development of a simulation tool to analyse and calculate the required components of an electric power train for a mobile robot.

  • System analysis and simulation of a Mechatronics Servo Drive Systems for the KMP Mobile Robot (Kuka Mobile Robot).
  • Sizing, calculation of the complete drive system (Motor, Gears, Brakes, Inverter, and Power Supply) of the KMP mobile robot series from Kuka Robotics.
  • Building test bench to test the simulated drive systems.

Technical Environment: Matlab, Simulink, Dymola, Java.

Development of a simulation environment to investigate the control behavior of electric drives for a robot

  • Mathematical modelling of the system governing differential equations.
  • Development of a solver to model the motor and test its functionality through solving the governing equations.
  • Developing of the field oriented cascaded controller structure
  • Tuning the controllers and testing the motor model at no load and with load cases
  • Development of the sinusoidal blocking commutation algorithm
  • Simulation comparison between the two control algorithms behavior
  • Building of a test bench composed of PMSM, power inverter, ELMO motion control box and the robot.
  • Programming the ELMO motion control box with the two different control algorithms
  • Investigating the difference between the simulated and real time behavior of the motor between the two developed control algorithms considering parameters like System dynamic quality in terms of speed and current control response as well as torque ripples.

Technical Environment: Matlab, Simulink, C, Python, QT